Using our highly dynamic taxi booking app which can be implemented regardless the size of your business & Smooth UI.

Features that Users Love in Our Taxi App

Appienz Taxi app provide the full flegde functionality for creating their own taxi service which support multiple rides app along with various country support so that app can provide different type of services by keeping in view different areas/countries.

Realtime Tracking

It supports real-time tracking along with chatting with the taxi driver as well. With GPS advancements, the cab drivers can be tracked.

Seamless Communication

There is a number masking feature that will enable the passengers and drivers to communicate without giving out their original number.

Schedule Booking

On the off chance that you're anticipating an occasion you fair can't miss, the app lets you plan a ride up to 30 days in advance.

Powerful Algorithm

Our developing team has designed an algorithm that builds a pool of drivers who can reach the passenger's location within 5 minutes then send job requests in an appropriate manner.

Multiple Payment Modes

We have integrated various payment gateways and added support for different e-wallets so that you can efficiently complete your transactions, refunds without compromising on security.

Beautiful UI/UX

Our app consists of an easy to use, but efficient user interface so that all users of any age group can use our app effortlessly and is loaded with features.

Trusted On Demand Taxi App Solution Company

At Appienz, we always try to bring forward latest technologies and try to implement those technologies in all our service we provide. Use our top-notch feature rich app for your business and reap the benefits of the digital market.

Our on-demand taxi app help users book taxi whenever they require one. Hiring a cab has never been easy. Our developers pushed their limits on integrating various features like real time tracking, push notification, multiple payment getaways, in app call features etc. Your business will be able to cope up with the rest of competition and you will be enabled to take your business more than the heights you dream of with our mobile app.

Our company provides 3 months of after sale support for free. Our team ensures that the app will be bug and glitch free.

Passenger App Features

Passenger can select pick UP, Drop Off location along with payment method. It support cabe fare and time estimation.

Scheduled Bookings

If you are expecting an occasion you just can't miss, the app lets you schedule a ride up to 30 days in advance.

Menu Navigation

Appienz passenger menu app support, menu navigation along with passenger can also check out their current ride.

Driver Rating

Appienz passenger app users can also rate the driver along with give reviews about ride quality.

Passenger Ride History

It support passenger ride history along with passenger can report the problem later and provide user friendly support.

Multiple Login Methods

Passenger can login via mobile number or can use Google id or facebook, don't worry we've got your covered.

Payment Gateway

It support multiple payment method along with coupon code as well.


Driver App Features

Driver App is simple to use and the Ui has been designed in such a way that the drivers can early access the app without spending too much of their precious time learning to use the app.


Manage Account

Customize the dashboard banners with your own banners and open specific categories on click.

Driver Documents

It support driver documents, driver can upload necessary documents.

Realtime Navigation

Appienz driver app support real-time chatting along with real-time step by step route navigation.

Reply To Passenger

Quickly reply to passenger queries.


Admin Panel Features

Admin serves as the link between the drivers and the passengers. Admin must ensure fast pace replies and completion of procedures so that the whole process can be as smooth as our UI.

Add & Edit Categories

Customize the dashboard banners with your own banners and open specific categories on click.

Manage Ride

Delivery app will help delivery guys to manage and deliver the assigned orders

Manage Reports

Delivery guy can manage multiple orders at a time.

Manage Driver

Delivery guy will have all the required information about the order and can choose to Deliver or Cancel the order.

Manage Complaints

Check all previously completed orders with delivery details.

Manage Request

Manage and deliver the assigned orders.


Looking for taxi app development?

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How Does Taxi App Work?

The main purpose of an app is to enhance and simplify its usability. Our Taxi booking app is designed to be efficient and easy to use by users of all age group. Our taxi booking app is feature loaded with its robust UI and elegant layout. Hiring a cab has never been this easy!

The users can sign into our app with their email id or mobile number. Customers can sign in through their social media account such as FB/GOOGLE etc. They can enable two factor-authentication for an additional layer of security.

What We Deliver

The secured and essential features fitted into the app make the app a handy tool for your customers via which groceries can be purchased from anywhere and anytime. Our app consist of an easy to use but efficient user interface so that all users of any age group can use our app effortlessly and is loaded with features.

Our developing team has tweaked our existing algorithm to one that’s powerful. It will help you determine the trending products and boost the sale of those products along with increasing the sales of underperforming products. We provide 3 apps fo 3 distinct users who work closely with the business. A customer app, A delivery agent app, A business owner app. On hiring our on demand Grocery app development services, we offer you the following things.

  •  Customer Android/iOS App
  •  Delivery Boy Android/iOS App
  •  Admin Android/iOS App
  •  Fully Loaded Functionalities
  •  3 Months of Free Support

Technology Stack For App Solution

Apart from the rapid evolution of technology, t he implementation of that advanced technology is also happening on every possible scale. Therefore we need to be on top of the game on the latest technologies and software. Our team members ensure that they are up to date with the latest trends and tries their best to implement those technologies in our software.


Frequently Asked Questions

We are ready to answer your queries at any time. Our priority is customer satisfaction in our solutions and service.

– GPS Tracking
– SOS Emergency Button
– Referral Program
– Multiple payment Options including e wallet integration
– Complete procedure within 5 taps

This depends on your business model. If you are an existing taxi business owner or if you plan to start a taxi business, the normal source ie the payment made by your passenger will be your source of revenue. If you are planning to launch an app with business model similar to Uber, the main source of income will be your commission fee deducted from every trip your users make, Advertisements and surge pricing.

Yes privacy and data protection are our priority. We are happy to sign a non-disclosure agreement with you. We always try to work with complete integrity and maintain professional ethics.

We provide best in segment 3 months of free after sale support, after that you can subscribe to our support package by paying a small amount .

We will be delighted to customize your app adhering to your requirements. Our apps are fully customizable ensuring your satisfaction while delivering the app to you.

Yes, we have integrated a feature to promote your app through social media platforms to improve your customer base.

All the major platforms like RazorPay , Paypal,PayU are integrated to the app for easy and smooth transaction.

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